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Nancy McCallion Lyrics

La Llorona
Nancy McCallion

I saw her she walks on the thin road that moves past you door
The future it hangs there and scents you like never before
I don’t want to scare you but darling a girl must be wise
And I am your mother though nineteen years have passed by

La la Llorona she’ll come for you darling please don’t go alone
La la Llorona she’s watching you young gi    rls they should be at home

There is not a boy who could knock that I’d care to admit
Whose pants aren’t too short and whose shoes aren’t all covered with shit
They come and they go like the pictures on postcards you see
And many the boy I have loved now means nothing to me

When big floods would come and the waters would rush through this town
In the arroyo I was afraid you might drown
One word of that cruel ghost would send you to hide ‘neath your bed
But you’re not afraid now it’s I who trembles instead   

Copyright 1995, Nancy McCallion, from Moon Over the Interstate