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Nancy McCallion Lyrics

Reckless Child
Nancy McCallion

Don't break my heart you reckless child
Don't die on foreign soil
You can wave your flag 'til you're old and gray
But you'll never be nothin' but poor
You hadn't been gone but 3 short months
When mama she fell ill
She's been in bed a month or more
And we cant afford her pills

Mama, mama, mama
Why have you stopped singing?

We're going to sell your great big truck
Might fetch a grand or more
It's been hard back here at home
Ever since you went to war
I hope you don't mind selling it
I'd ask you if I could
But I ain't heard a word from you
And I sure wish I would

Mama, mama, mama
Why have you stopped singing?

Your mind was made and set to go
Despite the tears I shed
There's not but want and worry here
In this great big lonesome bed
I  know you want to do some good
The kind of good that lasts
But most of the battles in this world
Are fought over goods and cash

Mama, mama, mama
Why have you stopped singing?

Copyright 2004 Nancy McCallion
from the album Nancy McCallion