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Nancy McCallion Lyrics

Three Drunken Maidens
traditional/ new lyrics McCallion/Zavala

I don’t believe in God and I don’t believe in man
I believe I’ll have another just because I can
And if the morning finds me feeling queasy and in doubt
Then three drunken maidens push the jug about

I don’t have any money just debts to hold me down
But if I had the money I know where I’d be found
I’d find myself a barrel and I’d park beneath the spout
And then three drunken maidens would push the jug about

I told him that I loved him,  he knew it wasn’t true
Sayin’ if you hadn’t  ‘a  told me twas I that would’ve told you
Then he looked into my face and poured me mates a stout
And then three drunken maidens pushed the jug about

So here’s to him what purchased the first round of the night
And here’s to him I’ve slighted and him that I’ve served right
And here’s to him with lovely lips that would not fain to pout
And here’s to drunken maidens that push the jug about

Copyright 1996 McCallion/Zavala from This is My Round