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Nancy McCallion Lyrics

Up Spoke the Baby

Up spoke the baby from the mama’s teat
Enough sweet stuff I want some meat
Oh said the mama it’s a shame
You’ll chew and then you’ll clog your veins

But what is life if you don’t chew
And have them fill the plate for you
But sometimes child the meat is tough
You chew and then it chews you up

Life is not but want and want
And stew and stir and have and hunt
Oh no mama that’s not true
It’s your own sorrow you see through

Little come little come lately tell me how you’re faring
Little come little come lately tell me how you’re warring

I’m tired son as I have been
I’ve gone the world and back again
As I am dead you soon shall be
It’s then you’ll make your bed with me

Copyright Nancy McCallion, 1998, from Moon Over the Interstate