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Nancy McCallion Lyrics

Where You Been

Oh where you been my bonny, bonny girl
Oh tell me where you been
Well I been down at the bottom of the bay
And I’m never coming up again no sir
I’m never coming up again

When I first came to the USA
I picked for pennies a pound
And I’d walk on over to the liquor store
And lay my money down, lay my money down
I lost my job I had no home I lived on water and bread
And I rocked my baby girl to sleep
In a dried up river bed, a dried up river bed

My girl she made four bucks an hour
working the corner store
One day that girl she went in late
The boss man met her at the door, the boss man met her at the door
You’re lucky to be employed he said
You best be late no more
And when my girl she left that day
She took all the money from the drawer and a frozen turkey and more

Well I been drunk for nine years straight
May never be sober again
I fear my job is killing me
And I’d rather the whiskey do me in, I would rather the whiskey do me in
Well once I had some pretty dreams
And dreamin’ ain’t no sin
But I’d ‘a been a better man
If not for where I been, if not for where I been

Copyright Nancy McCallion 1995 from This Is My Round