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Nancy McCallion Lyrics

You’re a Stranger Now
By Nancy McCallion

My belongings are scattered all over the room
It’s check in at midnight and check out at noon
I’ve had all the luck that my luck would allow
And you’re a stranger now

I see from my window the big super store
I’m wanting for nothing and looking for more
Ain’t nothing on sale there could have your know how
And you’re a stranger now

You’re a stranger in a strange town
You’re feet don’t fall on the streets that I walk down
You’ve left no trace on the bed where I’m lying
No warmth, no weight, no sound, no sign

The scent on the sheets and the soap in the drain’s
Been wiped up and washed out and wrung clean again
And it’s all spanking new like a white dress and vow
And you’re a stranger now

Copyright Nancy McCallion 2002
From Trouble, The Mollys and It's Never too Late to Get Lucky, The Last Call Girls