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Nancy McCallion Lyrics

You're Drunk Again
Nancy McCallion

You’re drunk again, like now like when
You’ve laid me out for sure
With parting stroke, my back you broke
I can’t get off the floor
Had I but lived just long enough
To break your stinking head
You’re drunk again, like now like when
And I’m in the kitchen dead

The husband stumbled in the door
And gave his head a smack
‘Twas then he heard his old wife’s ghost
There with it’s twisted back
Go on old man against the wall
You’re poor wee trembling face
It’s much more trembling you’ll be doing
   Before I leave this place

And it’s drink up man
Drink your fill
If first you don’t succeed in life
You probably never will

With memories of  a tender past
I hid what you’d become
Now everything has been destroyed
Just look what you have done
But I’m the one who’s damned it seems
To always be your wife
And haunt the corners of your nights
Until you quit your life (chorus)

Was it fear or temperament
That kept me in your path
The devil posed the question
And it’s you I’ve come to ask
Oh foolish, foolish woman
With your curlers on your head
What you don’t ponder in your life
You’ll ponder when you’re dead (chorus)

So where’s the hero of this tale
And where’s the crooked foe
The woman with the curlers
And the man who laid her low
You’ll find no reason in this rhyme
For all your piss and sway
So lift the bottle to your lips
And get you on your way (chorus)

Copyright 2000, Nancy McCallion, from Only a Story by The Mollys